FTP Facility

CompSMS has a Bulk SMS facility - via FTP - available.
In order to use this facility and obtain your username and password, please contact CompSMS at info@compsms.com

Once you have applied and have received your FTP username and password, you may upload a text file of a specific format to the server. Please note this format, for if there is a error with your format, your file will not be sent. Please also note that you must be a registered CompSMS user with available credits.

CompSMS Username ; CompSMS Password ; Date (month/day/year) ; Time(24h);Message ; Senderid(11 characters alphanumeric OR 16 charachters numeric) ;

Useful checks:
  • Make sure that there are 7 semi-colons (;)
  • Make sure that the date is in the correct format
  • Each Cell Number must be listed underneath one another, but there must be a semi-colon(;) after the last one in the list
  • Each Cell Number must include the country code at the front, without including the +
  • If you include a SenderID - that is only a Cell Number - please make sure that there is no + and that it is only 16 characters long
  • If you include a SenderID - that is a combination of numerics and letters - please make sure that it is only 11 characters long